Boat Dealer: Worthy Fishing Upgrades

When you head to the boat dealership, you need to be sure that you get exactly what you're looking for. Similar to a car salesman, a boat dealer can upsell you on options you don't need.

Here are some upgrades fishermen should consider when they walk into a boat dealership.


Spending more money on the right power-ups can help you catch more fish on the water.

  • Hydraulic Anchors: if you primarily fish in shallow water (10 feet or less) adding a hydraulic anchor allows you to lock down a spot with the push of a button. However, some boat dealership salesmen will advocate adding two hydraulic anchors to your stern. Unless you fish consistently in a severe current of tidal conditions, an extra hydraulic anchor isn't worth the money.
  • Horse Power: dropping more money on a boat motor with increased horsepower is always tempting. Before pulling the trigger on a beefier boat motor, you should carefully consider your needs. Even if your favorite fishing spots require long boat rides, spending more money on a slightly more powerful motor often comes with a decrease in fuel efficiency, which probably requires a larger gas tank, which will probably increase the weight of your fishing boat. It's important to remember that traveling 5 miles per hour faster, only saves you 10 minutes on a 2-hour boat ride. Many fishermen find the cost isn't worth the sales pitch they find so tempting at the boat dealership.


Today's boats come with more tech options than ever before. Before spending more money at a boat dealership on fancier tech options, you may want to consider compatibility and applicability.

  • Open Sourced: many boat dealerships have partnerships with specific boat manufacturers and suppliers. These relationships can cause them to sell boats outfitted with tech components that only work with proprietary software. This means that your fancy tech gadgets might not work with your favorite fishing navigational and sonar programs. Additionally, the proprietary software might come with annual license fees for access maps and other important fishing resources.
  • Energy Efficiency: spending more money on energy-efficient upgrades is almost always worth the cost. For instance, if you opt for a trolling motor that requires significantly fewer amps, you can spend less money on a bigger battery and you'll also extend the life cycle of your marine batteries. Looking at energy efficiency is often more helpful for fishermen than looking for the latest and greatest tech options.