3 Different Ways To Store Your Kayak In Your Garage

If you have purchased a hard-shell kayak, you will need some space to store it. Unfortunately, you can't just deflate it like you can an inflatable kayak, which means you need some storage space. Luckily, there are lots of different tools you can use to store your kayak and make the most of your space.

Kayak Rack

Your first option is a kayak rack. This is a storage option that you can place on the floor of your garage. This is a great option if you only have two or three hard-shell kayaks. A floor-standing storage option has two hooks that you can place your kayak on and then rods that extend upward with two additional clips, allowing for another kayak to be stored. The racks vary in size but can generally hold two or three kayaks.


Another option is to suspend your kayak by hanging it from the ceiling. This allows you to use your space better. To suspend your kayak from the ceiling, you can add pulleys to your ceiling, which will allow you to raise and lower your kayak from the ceiling. Two hooks and some straps will support your kayak. A pully system works well in a garage and can work inside of your home as well. You can utilize varying levels of pulley systems that will provide your kayak with more or less support.


Your third option is a wall mount. You can place the mount up high or down low, depending on how you use your garage and where you have space to store your kayak. As you choose a location for the wall mount, be sure to take into consideration how much space your kayak will need along the wall. You will want to attach the wall mount to studs in your walls, as a hard-shell kayak is not lightweight, and you want the mount to hold the weight of the kayak over the long term, without pulling out wall.

If you have a hard-shell kayak, you need to find a storage tool that will allow you to keep your kayak safe in your garage. A floor rack, wall-mounted hook, or a suspended pulley system are a few different tools you can utilize to store your kayak safely in your garage or your storage space. Before storing your kayak, be sure to clean it off and put a cover over it to keep it safe. Contact a company that offers kayak storage solutions to learn more.