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Learn How To Keep Birds Away From Your Boat Lift Canopy

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Boat lift canopies are designed to protect boats from the elements when they are being stored. Birds, however, often like to build nests under the canopies because their nests will be protected from the elements the same way your boat will be protected. When the birds build nests under the canopy, it can be bad for your boat because the birds can ruin your boat when they defecate, urinate, or drop food on the boat. The guide below walks you through a few easy ways to keep birds out of your boat lift canopy. Use a Solar Powered Owl Solar powered owl replicas keep birds away from the canopies because they are fearful that the owl will try to eat them if they come near the canopy. There is a solar power panel that can be attached to the top of the canopy to supply the power to the owl that can be placed on the outer deck of your boat, on the boat lift, or even on top of the canopy. The head will move back and forth so that the replica looks like it is a live owl searching for its next meal. Hang Reflective Devices Hanging reflective devices from the sides of the canopy will deter birds from going under your canopy because they will disrupt their vision when the sunlight hits the reflective devices. You can use CDs, reflective tape, or small reflective disks that are designed to deter birds. You want to be sure that the devices hang freely so that they can move around in the wind so that the sun can bounce off of them as they move. Install Roof Deterrents There are bird deterrents that are designed to scare away birds so that they do not even land on top of the canopy. The mechanisms are lightweight and maneuverable because they are attached to small sandbags, rather than to the canopy. Long, thin metallic arms stick out from the base that move in the wind and reflect sunlight. It appears as though something is reaching out of the canopy, which scares birds away from the area. Keeping the birds out from under your boat lift canopy will keep your boat safe and secure. If you have found a bird nest under the canopy before you install any of these deterrents, you may need to call your local animal control to remove it for you to ensure that you do not cause damage to the nest or the eggs.     For more information and tips about your boat lift canopy in general, talk with local boat accessory companies, such as Waterway Boat Lift...

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Military Surplus Gear For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you are in the market for outdoor recreational gear and equipment, then you have several options available. The most obvious is to simply purchase standard gear from a commercial manufacturer at a retail store or online. Another choice is to buy military surplus gear from a military supply store like Andy and Bax. This article examines the latter alternative.  What It Is  Military surplus items are those that were commissioned by a country for use by their Armed Forces. They are procured from manufacturers who enter into a contract with the government involved. The items might or might not possess the manufacturer’s label or a brand name. This is the case with U.S. and British military gear for example. Military surplus from other countries might show a manufacturer’s label or brand name.  When a country’s military no longer needs certain items, perhaps an excessive number of items were ordered or the product becomes obsolete, the surplus supply is typically sold at auction. Often, the purchasers of these items are owners of military surplus stores, and so the gear ends up for sale to the average citizen. Outdoors  Military surplus sellers offer a wide range of gear for the outdoors enthusiast. They have equipment for fishermen, hunters, campers and hikers or almost anyone who enjoys spending lot of time exploring and enjoying the outdoors. You can find gear such tents, boots, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing, among many other items.  Quality and Price  Military surplus gear is generally of good quality because the manufacturer had to make it to military standards. For example, if you purchase military clothing, you will generally find that the material and construction are of high quality and that the product is long-lasting. Items made for the military tend to be durable, as they were often meant to be used under difficult conditions.  The prices of these items are often lower than comparable gear, as the sellers usually purchase them at a deep discount.  National Stock Number  You can often determine the country that commissioned the gear you wish to purchase by looking for a 13-digit National Stock Number, or NSN on the item. The 5th and 6th numbers of the NSN are the country code. For instance, if the numbers are 00 or 01, the country that ordered the item was the U.S.  Military surplus stores sell a variety of equipment and gear for those who enjoy outdoor activities. For more information, visit a store in your...

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3 Tips For Making Your Own Yoga Blocks

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you are looking to make the most out of your yoga experience, then you need yoga blocks. These blocks are used to help you gain more flexibility, and they can help you maintain your balance in certain poses. You can purchase yoga blocks from a fitness store, but they may be harder to find if your area doesn’t cater to yogis. Luckily, you can make some yourself if you can’t easily find them; you can also make substitutes to save money while you still increase your flexibility. 1. Use a Large Book (Or Multiple Books) A large book — such as a big, thick dictionary — can actually be used as a yoga block. Look for a large book that you don’t want or need anymore, or look for one at a flea market or thrift store. Then, use duct tape to evenly wrap up the dictionary. This will prevent it from falling open when you’re trying to do your favorite poses. You can also stack two or three smaller books on top of each other and tape them together, but look for books that are similar in size so that they stack easily and evenly. 2. Make One Out of Wood Even if you aren’t particularly skilled with a saw, you can still make a yoga block — it’s pretty easy to do. Simply cut a block of wood into the size of your choice, or head to a home improvement store and ask that a piece of wood be cut to size for you. Once you have your piece of wood, use a piece of sandpaper to gently smooth out the edges to help prevent splinters. You can then cover the piece of wood with a piece of cloth and sew it together for a nice-looking, custom yoga block that you can design to your size specifications. If you don’t want to work with wood, covering a square piece of cork or a square chunk of extruded polystyrene foam can also work. 3. Use a Shoe Box A shoe box is a great size for a yoga block. Although it might not be sturdy enough to use for sitting poses, it can be a good choice for helping with flexibility and balance in other standing poses. Just make sure that you tape the lid on top to prevent it from coming off while you are working out. If you don’t have a cardboard shoe box, you can purchase a plastic shoe storage box from a discount store. As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can make your own yoga blocks. Try one or all three of these ideas to create yoga...

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3 Reasons To Consider A Sidecar Motorcycle

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015 in Uncategorized |

When shopping for a new motorcycle it is important that you consider every available option in order to ensure that you get the best bike for you. Listed below are just a few reasons to consider purchasing a sidecar motorcycle. Versatility One of the biggest benefits provided by a sidecar motorcycle is that they are able to tackle just about any type of riding activity. For example, the fact that the sidecar can easily be used to accommodate luggage makes it an ideal long-distance road trip bike. In addition, some sidecar motorcycles are able to activate a three-wheel drive feature that allows them to handle off-road terrain. Combine that off-road capability with the cargo space on the bike and you can easily use the bike to take yourself on a nice solo camping trip in a remote area. In addition, a motorcycle can also be used to easily accommodate everyday tasks. The sidecar’s storage space can accommodate groceries, a school bag, or items that you may need for work. Safety Another benefit provided by a sidecar motorcycle is that it can be quite a bit safer and easier to operate than a standard motorcycle, particularly for beginners. This is because the sidecar provides extra stability that makes it much harder to tip your bike over in a turn. In addition, the extra wheel on the sidecar takes a lot of pressure off of your legs at a stop sign or traffic light as you will not need balance the bike to keep it upright. Another benefit to the sidecar is that it can make the bike safer to operate in the winter. With traditional bikes it can be difficult to keep the bike balanced and moving in a straight line on icy roads, but a sidecar bike can make winter riding much more manageable. Passengers Finally, a sidecar motorcycle is a great choice if you want to be able to take passengers on your rides with you. Sure, a regular motorcycle allows for people to ride behind you, but this is risky as they can easily cause you to get into an accident if they do not lean right when you are going into a turn. With a sidecar motorcycle, the passenger can relax comfortably in the sidecar without you or him/her worrying about interfering with the driver. In addition, there are many harnesses available that are designed to connect to a sidecar so that you can ride around with your dog without worrying about him or her jumping out. Visit your local motorcycle dealer like Carl’s Cycle Sales in order to take a look at the various sidecar motorcycle options available to you. These bikes are safe, versatile, and can easily handle...

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Is Your Child Blind and Turning 5? Two Birthday Activities They Can Do

Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If your child is turning five years old and they are blind, you have to do things a little differently when having a birthday party for them. This is true even if the other children coming to the party are not blind. Below are two great activities that your child and the other children will have fun doing. Blindfolded Games Play games in which all the kids are blindfolded. This puts everyone on equal ground, and your child will likely enjoy everyone being a little like he or she is. You could play the classic pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game, or you could purchase or draw a large clown face and have the kids pin a clown nose to the face. If you do not mind the kids getting messy, you can play a blindfolded food game. Put some ice cream in a dish along with a plastic spoon. Sit two kids in chairs opposite from each other, with one child’s hands tied or placed behind their back. Blindfold each child. Have one of the blindfolded children try to feed the other child a bit of ice cream with the spoon. The kids will have fun trying to reach each other’s mouths. Your child may also enjoy being blindfolded like the other children. Blindfolded games work well because they rely on the children being unable to see, requiring them to use other senses. Music Because your child does not have the sense of sight, let him or her use the sense of sound at the birthday party. Have the kids play musical instruments. You can purchase some cheap musical instruments at most toy stores. You can even make some of your own instruments to save money. One thing you can do is put some beans or small stones into an empty water bottles and put a lid on each bottle. The kids can use them as shakers. Make tambourines using plastic or paper bowls. You will need some ribbon, scissors, a hole punch, and jingle bells. Use the hole puncher to put holes all the way around the edge of the bowl that are spaced about an inch or so apart. Measure a ribbon so that it can go around the bowl, then add a few more inches of ribbon to that and cut it. Tie a knot at one end of the ribbon. Thread one jingle bell through the ribbon, and thread that part through one of the holes. Thread another jingle bell, and pull that part of the ribbon through the second hole. Continue doing this until you have the jingle bells and ribbon threaded through every hole. When you are finished, tie the ribbon, but not too tight. You want to give the jingle bells enough room so they can jingle when the children shake their tambourines. Put on some music and let the children play their instruments. If your child can read braille, purchase them a birthday card written in braille. You can find these online, and some places let you design the card yourself. For further birthday party ideas for children, contact an establishment like Brown’s...

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What to Look for in a Used RV

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Uncategorized |

So you want to buy a used RV to travel the country and live your dreams. You’re not alone; many digital nomads find ways to work remotely and travel. Owning an RV is adventurous, exciting, and just plain fun. You know you want to buy used because you’d like to upgrade as your finances improve. But what should you look for when searching for the perfect used RV to fit your needs? Here are a few things to consider. Vehicle Size RVs don’t just come in one size. There’s a type of RV out there for anybody. Choose the smallest option, Class B, if you’re driving by yourself. This is essentially a camper van with limited space and a wet bath (a shower and toilet in the same space). They can park almost anywhere and get great gas mileage. For more space and a dedicated driving area, look to a Class C motorhome. These vehicles are the midpoint in luxury, size, and gas mileage. They have an overhang cab above the driving area and a room in the back to sleep a small family. Choose a Class A if you want the ultimate RV. These are the biggest RVs that come with the best amenities: larger kitchens, couches, a dedicated bedroom, and big pull-outs.  Usage Once you think you know what class of RV you want to buy, consider the usage. Are you going to quit your day job and travel around to new places every few days or so? Or will this be a vehicle used for a few local camping trips a year? If you’re going to be a full-timer, you want something the size of a small apartment, but efficient with gas. Large 35′ Class A RVs guzzle gas like no other, and can prove expensive for frequent travelers.  Sleeping Arrangements  You should also think about possible sleeping arrangements. Will you bring friends and extended family along on fun camping trips or beach vacations? Where is your dog going to sleep? Does your small child have fears about sleeping in the cab above the driver’s cockpit? Since you’ll sleep in there often, think of all these things before settling on any one vehicle. Unexpected Expenses  RVs are fun, but they can be expensive. Be sure to build surprise costs into the overall price of your budget. Think about costly maintenance, gas, nightly RV spots and hookups, and propane. Owning an RV can change your life for the better. Just make sure you think about what you truly want before signing any papers. You’ll be much happier in the long run if you weigh your options with care. Look for your used RV at lots like Pettibone Resort On The...

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Keeping Your Boat Safe From Theft When Docked

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Having a boat of your own can be an exhilarating experience and you will most likely want to take it out on the water often. When you need to leave your boat after a fun day in the sun, you may feel a bit apprehensive about its safety while you are not there to look after it. Many marinas and boat storage facilities will have some type of security available, but is it really enough? If you are concerned about the safety of your boat while it is being stored, there are a few tricks you can use to keep others away from it while it is unattended.  Watch Placement If you are storing your boat in a storage facility, do not leave it on a trailer under any circumstances. This makes it a prime target for theft. Instead, remove it from the trailer to make it more difficult for it to be moved without being noticed. If you cannot avoid storing the boat without the trailer, then chain the trailer to a tree or permanent structure so the boat cannot be easily taken. If you are keeping your boat in a marina, do not leave a set of keys inside where they can be found. Invest In An Alarm System Having an alarm on your boat will keep thieves from stealing it when you are not around. When selecting an alarm, consider the sensitivity of the unit. If you are in an area where birds may fly onto the boat, or if it is docked very close to a public area, you may wish to have an alarm with a bit less sensitivity so it will not be tripped continuously for reasons other than someone trying to take it. Placing an alarm so it goes off when someone tries getting into the cabin may be best. Place some motion-activated lights on your boat to give it some extra protection against robbery. Mark Your Belongings Place a marking on your boat, trailer, and all of your equipment with your boat’s hull identification number. These markings should be permanently engraved. Place them in unobtrusive locations so if your boat is stolen, the thieves will not be aware of them so they can remove them. Take pictures of each area where you had placed the number and store it with your personal documents. If your boat is stolen, this information will help identify your boat, perhaps having it safely returned to you as a result. For more information, contact a boat service like B & E...

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Three Ways To Add Wood Features To Your Custom Swimming Pool Installation

Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Custom pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you like the warm colors of wood, it can even be used in custom pool designs. There are many different ways to incorporate wood into the design of your pool, such as using it for surfacing, decking materials, a spa or even building your entire pool out of wood. Here are some ideas to incorporate wood into your new swimming pool installation. 1. Using Wood Decking For Surfacing Around Your Pool There are many different types of pool deck surfacing that you can use for your pool. This can be concrete materials, tiles, stones and specialty slip-resistant materials. You can also have your deck surfacing built with wood decking materials. This can also be good if you want to add pool deck space down a hill where other materials will not work. When doing this, you may want to consider using hidden fastener systems for a clean look and using more durable decking materials like Ipe or cedar, which are more resistant to water, insects and fungus. 2. Adding Wooden Spas And Other Elements To Your Pool You can use other wood elements for your pool. Spas can be a great addition to your pool, and there are many spa models that are made completely out of wood. Some examples include cedar spas and Japanese-style baths. You can even build a complete sauna out of wood and a pool house with woodwork details. This can be a great place to add a bathroom and shower to your pool area, as well as a place to locate equipment for your pool. 3. Using A Wooden Structure To Build Your Custom Pool Another option is to have your custom pool built with a wooden frame.  This can be good if your pool needs to be built partially or completely above ground. For a partially above ground pool, you can also consider details like glass in your pool design. For custom designs, the liner may need to be specially made to fit the pool. A custom design will also give you the benefit of choosing from different wood materials such as large timbers. These are some ways that you can incorporate wood features into the design of your custom pool. If you need help with designing and building your pool, contact a custom pool builder to get the help you need with wood features to add to your...

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Why Choose a Charter Boat for Your Fishing Trip

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Whether you are planning on going fishing on your own, or if you are putting together a fishing trip for yourself and a group of others, choosing a charter boat can be a wonderful option. These are a few reasons why this might be the perfect option for your offshore fishing trip. Catch Better Fish First of all, you should know that you can often catch better fish when you go out on a large charter boat. These boats can go out into farther and deeper waters, which can allow you to enjoy bigger fish and much more variety. Relax and Enjoy the Ride Who wants to worry about navigating a small fishing boat or carrying fishing supplies around on the pier? If you’re on a charter boat, you can let the captain handle the drive while you relax in a comfortable spot with your pole and tackle. Meet Other Enthusiasts If you take a charter with other fishermen, you can meet a lot of other people who are interested in your hobby. This is a great way to meet and mingle with both locals and tourists, and you can learn a lot while having a great time. Enjoy Other Activities Although fishing might be your main hobby, there will be other things for you to enjoy on the charter boat as well. Many serve delicious meals and snacks, so you won’t have to worry about being hungry or eating the sandwich that you would have taken to the pier. You can also often enjoy music, a bar and more. If you’re looking to get a little more out of your fishing experience, or if you are bringing along loved ones who like doing more than just fishing, then you are sure to love all of the additional activities and perks that are often available on the large commercial charter boats. As you can see, a charter boat can be the perfect option for your upcoming fishing trip. Instead of fishing on the pier or in a small fishing boat, consider going big with a charter. You don’t have to opt for a private charter; instead, you can sign up for a charter on a day that others will be fishing and enjoying the sea. Alternatively, you could also rent a private charter for you and your group. Regardless, you are sure to enjoy the pleasures of a fishing charter like Oregon Inlet Fishing Center...

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First Time Bay Boat Buyer? Comfort Is Key

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If you are planning on looking for bay boats to purchase this year, make sure you think about how you want to use your boat and the type of features you will need. Here are some of the top features that most first time and returning buyers want to see in their bay boat: T-Top If you find yourself debating if you should spring for a bay boat with a t-top, the answer is yes! It can get unbearably hot sitting out in the sun on the water. If you want to use your bay boat for an extended period of time on the water, or if you plan on taking your family out with you, invest in a t-top. That way, when you or other members of your family need a break from the sun, they can catch a little shade under the t-top. You will not have to go back to shore just to give your family a break from the sun. Another great advantage of a t-top is it increases your storage area, which is a great thing on a small craft. You can easily hang up some of your fishing and entertainment gear off the t-top, or you can even install an overhead storage bin. This allows you to expand the storage space on your bay boat without purchasing a larger boat. Comfortable Seats If you are trying to decide between a bay boat that has bench seats, and one that has comfortable, plush seats, go for the nice seats every time. If you want to fish all day, it is way more feasible to do that when you have comfortable seats. If you plan on taking your family out all day on the water, comfortable seats are key to a long, complaint-free stint on the water. Another seating aspect to look out for is cup holders. When you are out on the water, under the sun, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. Having built in cup holders makes it easier to keep water bottles within arm’s reach. They best type of cup-holders are self-draining ones. That way, if anything spills, you do not have to clean it up when you are out on the water, it will just drain right out. If you want to spend a lot of time out on the water, and take family and friends with you, comfort needs to come first. Paying a little more for a t-top and comfortable seats is well worth the investment. With these amenities, your trips out on the water will be much more comfortable and more...

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Managing The Madness: Offshore Fishing Boils

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Offshore boats can allow fishermen to catch more fish than they might have ever dreamed about. One of the most exciting parts of an offshore fishing trip is getting to fish in a boil. Here are a few tips to help you catch more fish when a boil erupts off the bow of an offshore boat: Tip # 1: Listen and See It’s instinctual; when you see fish boil you’ll want to cast into them. There isn’t much you can do to control this impulse. Many skippers and deckhands label the mentality that results from this impulse as “boil fever”. This feverish condition can make even the most experience anglers commit amateurish mistakes. The best way to cool this fever and avoid making these mistakes is to prepare for boils before they happen. This planning starts with knowing the cues you’re likely to see and hear when a boil erupts. The most common visual cue you’ll see when a boil erupts are birds. If you notice birds dive-bombing the water in mass, you’ll know a boil is happening. Even before you’re able to see a boil, however, you’ll probably be able to hear it. If you hear the sound of flat concussions at arrhythmic rate, you’re likely hearing the sound of fish exploding in and out of the water. Once you hear or see these cues, you should position yourself on the boat as close to the boil as possible. Tip # 2: Casting and Ripping Most boils are brief. Thus, you need to make the most of every casting opportunity you have. The thing to remember when casting into a boil is to aim over the boil. When fish are feeding in a boil, they are likely to bite almost anything that lands in midst of the boil. If your lure doesn’t make it to the boil though, you aren’t likely to hook up. By aiming over the boil you can reel into it. When you reel your lure into a boil, it’s important to remember that fish are feeding at or near the surface. To make sure that your lure is near the surface when it passes through the boil, you will want to reel rapidly. By reeling quickly, your lure is likely to stay near the surface. This reeling technique is often referred to as “ripping”. These two tips can help you avoid the most common offshore boil fishing...

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