Protecting Your Guns From Moisture Inside A Fireproof Safe

As a gun owner, you lock your guns in a fireproof safe to protect them in the event of a house fire and from theft. Unfortunately, having your guns locked in a fireproof safe does not protect them from one of the most damaging elements that they can be exposed to – moisture. Here, you will learn how to protect your guns from moisture while keeping them locked safely away in your fireproof safe.

Remove Straps and Holsters

The gun straps and holsters that you use to carry your guns can lock moisture inside of them. If you lock them in your safe with your guns, the moisture can be released from the materials and become airborne inside the safe. The moisture can then settle on the surfaces of your guns and cause mildew and rust problems.

To avoid this problem, do not store your gun straps and holsters in the safe. Instead, store them in a separate safe or in a closet or storage bin.

Note: Cardboard can also cause the same moisture problem in your safe. Do not store any boxed ammunition in the safe. Remove the ammo from the boxes and store it in ammo cases inside the safe or in a separate safe.

Place Moisture Absorbing Materials Inside

Placing a bucket of charcoal or silica gel inside the safe will help to absorb the moisture from the air inside the safe. What you must remember is that the charcoal or silica gel will only absorb so much moisture before it begins to release it back into the air. Set a schedule to replace the material every couple of weeks to ensure it continues to work to remove the moisture.

Note: You can reuse the silica gel and charcoal by drying it in your oven. To do this, dump the contents of the bucket onto a cookie sheet and set the oven at a low temperature. Bake the materials for a few hours, allow to cool, and dump it back into the bucket.

Install a Dehumidifying Stick

You can find a variety of dehumidifying sticks at your local sporting good or gun supply store. Unfortunately, not every fireproof safe is made to accept the stick because an access point for electrical wiring must be present. These sticks use electricity to dry the moisture out of the air inside the safe and are very effective in doing so.

Note: Some safe manufactures will void the warranty on the safe if you drill a hole to install the dehumidifying stick. Check with the manufacturer prior to drilling any holes in your safe.

These are the three most effective ways to control the moisture inside your gun safe from a place like Rocky Mountain Shooters Supply. Weigh your options and use the method of moisture control that best fits your personal situation.