First Time Bay Boat Buyer? Comfort Is Key

If you are planning on looking for bay boats to purchase this year, make sure you think about how you want to use your boat and the type of features you will need. Here are some of the top features that most first time and returning buyers want to see in their bay boat:


If you find yourself debating if you should spring for a bay boat with a t-top, the answer is yes! It can get unbearably hot sitting out in the sun on the water. If you want to use your bay boat for an extended period of time on the water, or if you plan on taking your family out with you, invest in a t-top.

That way, when you or other members of your family need a break from the sun, they can catch a little shade under the t-top. You will not have to go back to shore just to give your family a break from the sun.

Another great advantage of a t-top is it increases your storage area, which is a great thing on a small craft. You can easily hang up some of your fishing and entertainment gear off the t-top, or you can even install an overhead storage bin. This allows you to expand the storage space on your bay boat without purchasing a larger boat.

Comfortable Seats

If you are trying to decide between a bay boat that has bench seats, and one that has comfortable, plush seats, go for the nice seats every time. If you want to fish all day, it is way more feasible to do that when you have comfortable seats. If you plan on taking your family out all day on the water, comfortable seats are key to a long, complaint-free stint on the water.

Another seating aspect to look out for is cup holders. When you are out on the water, under the sun, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. Having built in cup holders makes it easier to keep water bottles within arm's reach.

They best type of cup-holders are self-draining ones. That way, if anything spills, you do not have to clean it up when you are out on the water, it will just drain right out.

If you want to spend a lot of time out on the water, and take family and friends with you, comfort needs to come first. Paying a little more for a t-top and comfortable seats is well worth the investment. With these amenities, your trips out on the water will be much more comfortable and more enjoyable.