Three Ways To Add Wood Features To Your Custom Swimming Pool Installation

Custom pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you like the warm colors of wood, it can even be used in custom pool designs. There are many different ways to incorporate wood into the design of your pool, such as using it for surfacing, decking materials, a spa or even building your entire pool out of wood. Here are some ideas to incorporate wood into your new swimming pool installation.

1. Using Wood Decking For Surfacing Around Your Pool

There are many different types of pool deck surfacing that you can use for your pool. This can be concrete materials, tiles, stones and specialty slip-resistant materials. You can also have your deck surfacing built with wood decking materials. This can also be good if you want to add pool deck space down a hill where other materials will not work. When doing this, you may want to consider using hidden fastener systems for a clean look and using more durable decking materials like Ipe or cedar, which are more resistant to water, insects and fungus.

2. Adding Wooden Spas And Other Elements To Your Pool

You can use other wood elements for your pool. Spas can be a great addition to your pool, and there are many spa models that are made completely out of wood. Some examples include cedar spas and Japanese-style baths. You can even build a complete sauna out of wood and a pool house with woodwork details. This can be a great place to add a bathroom and shower to your pool area, as well as a place to locate equipment for your pool.

3. Using A Wooden Structure To Build Your Custom Pool

Another option is to have your custom pool built with a wooden frame.  This can be good if your pool needs to be built partially or completely above ground. For a partially above ground pool, you can also consider details like glass in your pool design. For custom designs, the liner may need to be specially made to fit the pool. A custom design will also give you the benefit of choosing from different wood materials such as large timbers.

These are some ways that you can incorporate wood features into the design of your custom pool. If you need help with designing and building your pool, contact a custom pool builder to get the help you need with wood features to add to your pool.