Keeping Your Boat Safe From Theft When Docked

Having a boat of your own can be an exhilarating experience and you will most likely want to take it out on the water often. When you need to leave your boat after a fun day in the sun, you may feel a bit apprehensive about its safety while you are not there to look after it. Many marinas and boat storage facilities will have some type of security available, but is it really enough? If you are concerned about the safety of your boat while it is being stored, there are a few tricks you can use to keep others away from it while it is unattended. 

Watch Placement

If you are storing your boat in a storage facility, do not leave it on a trailer under any circumstances. This makes it a prime target for theft. Instead, remove it from the trailer to make it more difficult for it to be moved without being noticed. If you cannot avoid storing the boat without the trailer, then chain the trailer to a tree or permanent structure so the boat cannot be easily taken. If you are keeping your boat in a marina, do not leave a set of keys inside where they can be found.

Invest In An Alarm System

Having an alarm on your boat will keep thieves from stealing it when you are not around. When selecting an alarm, consider the sensitivity of the unit. If you are in an area where birds may fly onto the boat, or if it is docked very close to a public area, you may wish to have an alarm with a bit less sensitivity so it will not be tripped continuously for reasons other than someone trying to take it. Placing an alarm so it goes off when someone tries getting into the cabin may be best. Place some motion-activated lights on your boat to give it some extra protection against robbery.

Mark Your Belongings

Place a marking on your boat, trailer, and all of your equipment with your boat's hull identification number. These markings should be permanently engraved. Place them in unobtrusive locations so if your boat is stolen, the thieves will not be aware of them so they can remove them. Take pictures of each area where you had placed the number and store it with your personal documents. If your boat is stolen, this information will help identify your boat, perhaps having it safely returned to you as a result.

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