4 Basic Hunting Tips

For many people, hunting is a way to put some extra food on the table as well as a way to test themselves and show their skills. If you are just getting started, then you will need to make sure that you know some basic safety tips so you can bring home the deer, turkey, or moose that you want and stay safe while you are doing it. 

Stay Visible

One of the biggest dangers to a hunter is other hunters. That's because it's very easy to mistake any movement as a target. If you choose to wear all camouflage in order to hide from the animals, you aren't visible to other hunters, either. This doesn't mean that you have to abandon all the camouflage. All you need to do is add a little blaze of orange, such as a vest or hat. That shade of orange is not found in nature, so it's hard for other hunters to mistake it for anything else. Getting the animal is good, but your priority should be your safety.

Know Your State's Hunting Laws

Each state has its own laws, but one that all states have concerns what hours you can hunt. While they may vary somewhat, generally the hours are limited to daylight. That is a safety issue. The state rules also will indicate when certain animals are in season (for example, deer hunting season may be from September to November) and what you can use to hunt them with. For example, if you choose to hunt with a bow, you may be able to start hunting a few days ahead of someone hunting with a gun. 

Share Your Itinerary

You should make sure that someone who isn't going out hunting knows where you are. You don't have to give them the exact coordinates that you are planning to use, but let them know the general area you are going to be in. You should also let them know when you are planning on going out and coming back. If that person doesn't live with you, make sure that you let them know when you are home. The reason to let someone know where and when you are going is that if you don't come back, that person can tell searchers where to start looking. 

Watch the Weather

Look at the weather forecast before you leave your house. There are some kinds of weather that make it harder for you to hunt and can cause unsafe conditions. If it's going to be very foggy or there is going to be heavy precipitation, visibility will be limited. That will make it hard for you to see the animals, and it will also make it harder for you to see other hunters and for them to see you. 

Hunting can be a lot of fun. It can also be very challenging. If you are just getting started, knowing some basic safety tips will make your hunting trips more enjoyable.