What to Look for in a Used RV

So you want to buy a used RV to travel the country and live your dreams. You're not alone; many digital nomads find ways to work remotely and travel. Owning an RV is adventurous, exciting, and just plain fun. You know you want to buy used because you'd like to upgrade as your finances improve. But what should you look for when searching for the perfect used RV to fit your needs? Here are a few things to consider.

Vehicle Size

RVs don't just come in one size. There's a type of RV out there for anybody. Choose the smallest option, Class B, if you're driving by yourself. This is essentially a camper van with limited space and a wet bath (a shower and toilet in the same space). They can park almost anywhere and get great gas mileage. For more space and a dedicated driving area, look to a Class C motorhome. These vehicles are the midpoint in luxury, size, and gas mileage. They have an overhang cab above the driving area and a room in the back to sleep a small family. Choose a Class A if you want the ultimate RV. These are the biggest RVs that come with the best amenities: larger kitchens, couches, a dedicated bedroom, and big pull-outs. 


Once you think you know what class of RV you want to buy, consider the usage. Are you going to quit your day job and travel around to new places every few days or so? Or will this be a vehicle used for a few local camping trips a year? If you're going to be a full-timer, you want something the size of a small apartment, but efficient with gas. Large 35' Class A RVs guzzle gas like no other, and can prove expensive for frequent travelers. 

Sleeping Arrangements 

You should also think about possible sleeping arrangements. Will you bring friends and extended family along on fun camping trips or beach vacations? Where is your dog going to sleep? Does your small child have fears about sleeping in the cab above the driver's cockpit? Since you'll sleep in there often, think of all these things before settling on any one vehicle.

Unexpected Expenses 

RVs are fun, but they can be expensive. Be sure to build surprise costs into the overall price of your budget. Think about costly maintenance, gas, nightly RV spots and hookups, and propane. Owning an RV can change your life for the better. Just make sure you think about what you truly want before signing any papers. You'll be much happier in the long run if you weigh your options with care.

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