Tell Them About The One That Got Away: Full Day Fishing Trips You Should Take For Some Great Stories

Going fishing is more than just taking your gear out and standing over a bridge or under it in the water up to your chest with your waders on. Going fishing means that you are spending some quiet time, usually thinking about stuff, and trying to catch that ever-elusive but incredibly impressive fish to wow other people. Some fishermen and fisher-ladies also enjoy collecting tales about "the one that got away." If any of these things apply to you, it may be time to take a full day fishing trip, chartered on a boat by someone else, so you can collect your own amazing fishing tales to tell and fish to show off later. Here are some trips that may be of interest to you.

Swordfish Fishing Tours

Here is a fish that can kill you with its sword-like snout. They thrash about on the line and require a winch to pull them up because the adults weigh as much, if not more, than an average-sized human adult. If you manage to hook a record-breaking swordfish, you may want to battle the beast until you can get it on board the ship and take it back to shore. Once on dry land, you can have your picture taken with your catch, proving that you did indeed catch the fish in your story. Then you can either choose to process the fish and take its meat home, or have a taxidermist process the swordfish hide for a trophy on your wall.

Shark Fishing Tours

Shark fin steak is a popular meal, but the lure to an all-day shark fishing trip is not the meat itself. Instead, you meet these dangerous beasts up close and natural, sometimes in a chain mail diving suit while encased in a metal cage for added protection. Chum (rotten meat and foul smelling substances to attract sharks) is thrown over the side of the boat to draw the sharks whilst you either try to capture them in a net over the side of the boat, or harpoon them from the submerged shark cage. This kind of tour definitely produces some fishing stories like no others, and ones which will be very hard for other fishermen/ladies to beat.

Mississippi Catfish Tours

While some people might cringe at the thought of catching catfish because these creatures are bottom-feeding scavenger fish, others might get really excited about the prospect of Mississippi catfishing. The reason behind their excitement is that the catfish in this humongous river can grow to incredible lengths and weights, unlike the catfish found in fresh lakes and smaller streams. These giant catfish are very hard to catch because they like to rest on the murky mud-bottom of the Mississippi river and do not typically come up to the surface for anything. To catch a record catfish is quite a monumental feat, and one worth learning about as well as telling about later.

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