Military Surplus Gear For The Outdoor Enthusiast

If you are in the market for outdoor recreational gear and equipment, then you have several options available. The most obvious is to simply purchase standard gear from a commercial manufacturer at a retail store or online. Another choice is to buy military surplus gear from a military supply store like Andy and Bax. This article examines the latter alternative. 

What It Is 

Military surplus items are those that were commissioned by a country for use by their Armed Forces. They are procured from manufacturers who enter into a contract with the government involved. The items might or might not possess the manufacturer's label or a brand name. This is the case with U.S. and British military gear for example. Military surplus from other countries might show a manufacturer's label or brand name. 

When a country's military no longer needs certain items, perhaps an excessive number of items were ordered or the product becomes obsolete, the surplus supply is typically sold at auction. Often, the purchasers of these items are owners of military surplus stores, and so the gear ends up for sale to the average citizen.


Military surplus sellers offer a wide range of gear for the outdoors enthusiast. They have equipment for fishermen, hunters, campers and hikers or almost anyone who enjoys spending lot of time exploring and enjoying the outdoors. You can find gear such tents, boots, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing, among many other items. 

Quality and Price 

Military surplus gear is generally of good quality because the manufacturer had to make it to military standards. For example, if you purchase military clothing, you will generally find that the material and construction are of high quality and that the product is long-lasting. Items made for the military tend to be durable, as they were often meant to be used under difficult conditions. 

The prices of these items are often lower than comparable gear, as the sellers usually purchase them at a deep discount. 

National Stock Number 

You can often determine the country that commissioned the gear you wish to purchase by looking for a 13-digit National Stock Number, or NSN on the item. The 5th and 6th numbers of the NSN are the country code. For instance, if the numbers are 00 or 01, the country that ordered the item was the U.S. 

Military surplus stores sell a variety of equipment and gear for those who enjoy outdoor activities. For more information, visit a store in your area.