Learn How To Keep Birds Away From Your Boat Lift Canopy

Boat lift canopies are designed to protect boats from the elements when they are being stored. Birds, however, often like to build nests under the canopies because their nests will be protected from the elements the same way your boat will be protected. When the birds build nests under the canopy, it can be bad for your boat because the birds can ruin your boat when they defecate, urinate, or drop food on the boat. The guide below walks you through a few easy ways to keep birds out of your boat lift canopy.

Use a Solar Powered Owl

Solar powered owl replicas keep birds away from the canopies because they are fearful that the owl will try to eat them if they come near the canopy. There is a solar power panel that can be attached to the top of the canopy to supply the power to the owl that can be placed on the outer deck of your boat, on the boat lift, or even on top of the canopy. The head will move back and forth so that the replica looks like it is a live owl searching for its next meal.

Hang Reflective Devices

Hanging reflective devices from the sides of the canopy will deter birds from going under your canopy because they will disrupt their vision when the sunlight hits the reflective devices. You can use CDs, reflective tape, or small reflective disks that are designed to deter birds. You want to be sure that the devices hang freely so that they can move around in the wind so that the sun can bounce off of them as they move.

Install Roof Deterrents

There are bird deterrents that are designed to scare away birds so that they do not even land on top of the canopy. The mechanisms are lightweight and maneuverable because they are attached to small sandbags, rather than to the canopy. Long, thin metallic arms stick out from the base that move in the wind and reflect sunlight. It appears as though something is reaching out of the canopy, which scares birds away from the area.

Keeping the birds out from under your boat lift canopy will keep your boat safe and secure. If you have found a bird nest under the canopy before you install any of these deterrents, you may need to call your local animal control to remove it for you to ensure that you do not cause damage to the nest or the eggs.    

For more information and tips about your boat lift canopy in general, talk with local boat accessory companies, such as Waterway Boat Lift Covers.