Custom Long Action Rifles: Two Ways You Can Make Your Rifle A Custom Job

If you like to shoot, but you are looking for a more unique weapon, you might want to create a custom gun. If you are really taken with rifles, there are a couple of ways you can make your rifle a custom rifle. You can either create a custom long action bullet chamber, or you can create a custom stock and barrel. Here is how you can customize these parts to change the traditional rifle and make it your own.

Custom Long Actions

Custom long actions take the action part of your gun (the area where the rifle splits down to load bullets) and makes it longer. The action may also be made to hold wider bullets or shot shells too, which gives you more options on the kinds and types of bullets you can use. Usually, a metalworks company that specializes in custom long shots is who you should to talk to, but you will have to check with the gun laws in your state to make sure a custom long action is legal. (Some states do not allow certain modifications to rifles and guns, or they only allow modifications with restrictions.)

Custom Stocks and Barrels

Barring that your rifle was ever involved in criminal activity, you should be able to customize the stock and barrel as you choose. Customizing the barrel on a used rifle that you purchased secondhand should be cleared with police ballistics first. Usually a licensed gun dealer will do this, but if you bought the gun from a private seller, you will want to clear it of possible illegal activity from its past before proceeding with customization. The stock can also be switched out for a hand-carved wooden stock or a full-on, custom metal stock. 

When you customize the barrel, you can make it longer, shorter or you can make it match the custom long shot you have installed. It is a very good idea to customize the barrel of your rifle too. That way, any type of shot shell or bullet you use in the new long shot will be able to exit the barrel, not get stuck and/or not blow up in your hand (which could happen if the bullets cannot leave the gun). Typically, you can order a customized long shot with a matching customized barrel from the same company so that the parts are compared and fit together perfectly. Added touches, like chrome or silver plating and engraving, may also be offered by the same company as customization extras for your rifle.

For more information and options, talk with a custom gun company, such as Southwest Precision LLC