How To Find The Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Your Cycling Adventures

Riding a bike offers you ample exercise and allows you to get out in nature for muscle-challenging fun. Bike riding releases stress hormones for a relaxing time while giving your hamstrings, stomach muscles, and buttocks ample exercise for toning and calorie burning. If you don't have a comfortable seat to rest on, however, your adventure can quickly turn into more of a pain in the you-know-what. Here are tips to pampering your derriere by locating the best bike seat for your use.

Gel padding

Choose a bicycle seat that has gel padding in its widest parts, the area where your buttocks will be resting the most. Gel padding creates custom comfort and support right where you need it most, especially when you are going downhill where your seat will be getting the most pressure. If you don't want gel padding or feel it will give you too much support, opt for a traditional bike seat sans padding but wear padded bicycle shorts to offer some protection for the base of your spine and buttocks.

Shock absorption

If your bicycle seat has no 'give' you can feel a rough jolt every time you go over a small bump or when you cycle down rocky terrain. Choose a bike seat that has shock absorption via large springs under the seat where it attaches to your bike. You can test a seat for its give by pressing hard on it to see how well it absorbs the pressure. The springier a seat appears the more likely it is able to withstand different terrain.


A slick bike seat made of rubber-coated plastic or vinyl may not give you the texture you need to stay put while riding, especially if you ride wearing slick athletic apparel, such as elastic shorts. Opt for a cloth-coated bicycle seat or one that is made of suctioning rubber (that isn't sick to the touch, similar in design to your handlebars) so you have comfortable texture that won't allow you to slide around even when you are going uphill.

With the right bike seat you can expect smooth riding no matter how long you ride or where you are heading to. You can test different seats to see which ones will work best for your needs or buy one based on customer reviews or suggestions from friends. Once you have the right seat for your biking experience, you will notice a difference in comfort and enjoyment.

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