Using Skydiving To Overcome A Fear Of Heights

Those who are afraid of heights are often crippled by their fear, particularly if they ever have to climb anything even remotely off the ground. However skydiving is a useful way for these people to quickly overcome their fear and experience a fun and thrilling adventure.

Fear Of Heights And Exposure Therapy

Everyone gets a little wary when high on a building or in a plane, but those with a fear of heights suffer from irrational panic that can be hard to control. Some may find it difficult to climb stairs or even go to the second story of their home. This fear of heights can develop later in life, making it difficult for people to manage it.

The best way to overcome phobias like this is through exposure therapy. This is the process of literally being surrounded by the thing that terrifies a person. The idea is that a person's anxiety will decrease as they realize there is nothing to fear. As a result, exposure therapy for a fear of heights includes visiting very high places and can even include skydiving.

Skydiving Can Really Help

Exposure therapy requires a person be immersed in the thing that scares them. How much more surrounded by heights can a person be while skydiving? One of the major contributing factors to a fear of heights is the fear of falling uncontrollably. During a skydive, a person will be falling in a controlled environment, one in which they are safe.

When learning skydiving, people aren't just thrown off a plane and wished a happy landing. Instead they are given several lessons and practical courses that prepare them for the process. In most cases, people actually tandem dive with an instructor the first several times. This is perfect for someone who is terrified of heights.

Skydiving For The First Time

Those who are afraid of heights would highly benefit from tandem skydiving, as they will be paired with a professional instructor who can make the whole experience easier. It will be necessary to wear loose-fitting clothes with sturdy shoes that attach to the feet. All valuables, such as wallets and keys, should be left in the drop zone area to avoid losing them during the fall.

When tandem skydiving, a person is literally attached to the instructor for maximum safety. The instructor will have the parachute attached to them and will pull the cord when it is time. As a result, the person who is afraid of heights can simply take in the scenery and try to overcome their fear while knowing they are safe in the hands of a professional.

Repeated skydiving jumps could be the kind of dose of exposure therapy that a person needs to overcome their fear of heights. It could even teach them to appreciate the joys of skydiving and learn how to master other serious fears. To learn more, contact a company that offers skydiving classes.