The Best Bait For Trout Fishing This Summer

If you want to eat some really good fish this summer, you need to go fishing for some trout. Trout, when cooked on your grill or boiled in your oven, can be a really tasty treat. Here is a quick guide to some of the best bait to use when out trout fishing this summer.

#1 Neon Worms:

If you don't have real worms on hand, neon worms are a great fill in. Underwater, they often look the same to a trout as a live worm. Just make sure that the neon worms that you choose are on the longer side. Trout tend to be more attracted to longer worms over shorter ones.

#2 Imitation Crawfish

One of the foods that trout like to eat the most are crawfish, so an imitation crawfish is a great way to lure the fish onto your hook. When your purchase imitation crawfish, make sure that the lure is shaped so that their claws are out and their tails are tucked; this position seems to be one that trout respond to the most.

#3 Silver Trout

A silver trout lure is made to actually look like another trout. This lure is silver in color because silver tends to catch the light, even deep in the water. The way the lure moves back and forth looks like the way that an actual trout moves in the water when the sunlight catches their scales. Fish like to hang out together, so if the water is clear and the sun is out, this can be an effective lure to use.

#4 Trout Eggs

It may seem counter-intuitive, but you can have really good luck catching a trout if you put trout eggs on your hook. If you catch a female trout that has eggs inside of her, do not throw out those eggs when you gut the fish. Instead, put them inside of a glass jar and keep them cold inside of your cooler or your fridge. They need to stay cold to stay fresh. For some reason, trout like to eat their own eggs, so if you find trout eggs, keep them.

#5 Night Crawlers

Finally, live bait is always a good bet when going trout fishing. Most bait and tackle stores sell night crawlers. Night crawlers are really large worms that are a little longer and fatter than most live worms that you encounter. They look really appealing to trout since they are so big and juice. Put a few of these on your hook and let them wiggle around and lure in a live trout for your line. 

When you have found the perfect boats for sale and decide you want to go fishing, use these tips to help you catch trout on your next trip out.