Effectively Taking Care of Your Hunting Knife

For an outdoorsman, a quality hunting knife can be an important tool. These knives can sustain extreme wear due to the type of use that they will see. This will require you to be particularly dedicated when it comes to maintaining these tools.

Clean the Knife Regularly

Making sure that you thoroughly clean the hunting knife after each use is one of the most important and easy types of care that you can provide it. This will remove blood, mud, and other debris before it can compromise the blade. After cleaning the knife, it should be thoroughly dried using a microfiber cloth. Otherwise, the knife could be far more susceptible to corrosion, or moisture could damage the handle.

Sharpen the Knife Regularly

While a high-quality knife will be able to more easily sustain its blade, every knife will eventually become dull enough to require sharpening. Luckily, it is possible to invest in your own sharpening kit that will allow you to conveniently sharpen the blade whenever you notice that it is starting to dull. This can be an extremely effective option for those that need their knives on a daily basis. While there are sharpening services that can be used, it will often take them a day or two to process your order.

Coat the Knife with Protective Oil

In order to keep blades from rusting, it is a common practice for the blades to be coated with a special oil that can provide a protective barrier to these substances. While it was common to use grease and other sources of fat for this in the past, modern protective oils can be far more effective. Additionally, they are less likely to make the blade feel slick when you are cutting with it. Before applying this coating, the knife blade should be thoroughly cleaned so that the oil will not trap dirt and other substances against the blade.

Appreciate the Benefits of a Waterproof Sheath

The sheath that will hold your knife is one of the most important accessories that you can have for it. While there are a variety of different styles of sheaths that can be purchased, you should limit your choice to waterproof sheaths. This is especially important for individuals that will be using their knife on overnight hunting trips. If the sheath were to get wet during these trips, it could keep the blade moist enough to damage it. A waterproof case will better protect your knife against sudden showers and other sources of moisture.

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