When To Buy A Pedal Kayak

When you picture someone using a kayak, there's a good chance that you envision the individual using a paddle to propel themselves and their boat through the water. While many types of kayaks require the use of a paddle, there are other boats that may intrigue you. One of the advantages of shopping at a large-scale kayak retailer is that you'll see all sorts of kayaks. One style that may interest you is a pedal kayak. To move this type of boat, you use a set of built-in pedals that are somewhat similar in design to the pedals of a bicycle. Here are some scenarios in which you may want to buy a pedal kayak.

You Want To Go Fishing

While many fishing enthusiasts pursue their hobby from powerboats and canoes, fishing from kayaks is also popular. If this pastime is of interest to you, a pedal kayak can be a good choice. This design allows you to make your way around the water without having to use a paddle. This means that you can keep your fishing rod in your hands, rather than have to set it down each time you want to move to a new area. You'll find that this is a far more efficient way to fish than to use a boat that requires a paddle.

You Have Shoulder Discomfort

Many people use kayaking as a way to strengthen their upper bodies. Regular paddling sessions can be ideal for building muscle in your shoulders, arms, and back. This may not work well for everyone, however. If you have shoulder discomfort — perhaps you have arthritis in one or both shoulders — you may not feel capable of using a paddle, especially for long outings. Instead of giving up on your goal of getting into kayaking, you can buy a pedal kayak and enjoy getting around the water without aggravating your shoulder pain.

You Want To Travel Quickly

Kayaking slowly can be appealing for some people, but there are others who enjoy the idea of moving as quickly across the water as possible. There's a good chance that you'll be able to travel faster in a pedal kayak than by using a paddle. There are a few reasons that you should be able to attain more speed in a pedal kayak, including the fact that your leg muscles are larger than your shoulder muscles — resulting in more power. Contact a kayak retailer to learn more about pedal kayaks.