A White Water Rafting Experience Is A Fun Way To Enjoy Nature

White water rafting is a fun experience that gives you a chance to have some excitement while enjoying the beauty of nature. There are many places to have a white water rafting experience, so you might want to add some notable locations, like the Grand Canyon, to your bucket list.

However, you'll probably find rafting adventures close to home too. Here's what you need to know about white water rafting if you've never been before.

Swimming Ability

You don't necessarily need to be a strong swimmer if you stay in milder water. When you book a white water rafting experience, you'll notice the trips are rated according to how rough the water gets. You'll want to avoid the roughest water unless you have swimming skills, and the guide might even require you to pass a quick swimming test just to verify you can swim.

The roughest waters move fast, and you need to know how to right yourself in the water and swim across the currents. You will probably be taught basic swim techniques no matter what level of water you choose.

If you opt for a mild experience, you probably won't need to know how to swim, but you shouldn't have a fear of water that causes you to panic if you fall out of the raft. You'll probably get wet during the experience, and there's always a chance you could fall in the water. Some raft trips may even stop so everyone can get out and swim.

Clothing And Shoes

If you fall in the water, you'll probably need to stand on rocks or the river bottom, so protective shoes are a good choice. Select shoes that tie or that slip on and won't be pulled off in the water.

Also, closed toes are a good idea. You'll also want to protect your body from the sun by wearing long sleeves and possibly a hat you can secure on your head. If you wear glasses, be sure to attach a strap to them. Don't wear anything on a river raft trip that you don't want to lose or ruin.

You may also need to wear a helmet and a floatation device while you are on the river, these are usually provided by the rafting tour company, but be sure to ask if there is anything you need to bring along.

Snacks And Water

If you're going on one of the mildest white water rafting experiences, especially if you're bringing your kids along, you might be allowed to bring snacks and a water bottle.

If you're going on a long rafting experience or you're going to be on rough water, the rafting company may provide lunch or snacks when you take a break on the land. Your trip down the water may be too wild to try to eat snacks at the same time.