Buying A Good Backpack To Take On Your Next Duck Hunt

Hunting birds and waterfowl often requires you to hike into remote areas to find the game, and having a good waterfowl hunting backpack can be essential. The backpack can offer storage for things you may need throughout the day, and many of them have special pockets to carry your ducks in after you finish your hunt.

Packing Your Bag

When you are getting ready for a day of waterfowl hunting, you need to consider what you need, and often that will depend on where you are going. If you are spending the day in a blind, you can get away with less gear, but hunting from the shore of a marsh or hunting on the move requires supplies and extra clothing in case you find yourself stuck or wet while in the field. 

A good waterfowl hunting backpack is waterproof, and you can put ammo, a change of clothes, calls and other hunting gear, and even some snacks inside easily. The material needs to be durable but quiet so your moments do not scare the birds away when you are on the move. 

Large backpacks are nice too, but they should not be so large that they snag on tree branches or brush when you are moving through the woods. Many waterfowl bags also have a large game pocket that is separate from the things inside the backpack and allows you to carry your ducks out without getting feathers, water, or blood on the items inside the bag. 

Most hunting outfitters have waterfowl hunting backpacks and blind bags on hand, so take some time to look them over and find one that is a good size for your hunting situation. 

Blind Hunting

Waterfowl hunting blind bags are often a little different than other backpack options on the market. The blind bag is often larger and is more like a duffel bag in many ways. Blind bags are a great way to carry decoys and other equipment into your blind in a single trip, allowing you to get in and set up before the birds become active. 

For many hunters, the blind bag becomes an all-in-one bag that they can grab to go to the hunting blind any time of day and have all the things they need. While there are some standard sizes that most outfitters have on hand, you can choose any size waterfowl hunting blind bag for your needs and situation. 

If you need to carry many items into the blind, buy a bag that will hold as much as possible. However, it is vital to remember that you will have to carry your hunting bag through round terrain and marshy areas, so for most hunters, finding one that is small but carries everything they need is the best option.