Should You Send Your Teen To A Baseball Training Academy?

If your teen is skilled at playing baseball, that is likely a skill worth cultivating. Surely, you'll want them to play on their school's team, and you may also allow them to join a travel team or two. However, an even more intensive option for teen baseball players is attending a baseball training academy. At these academies, students spend anywhere from several weeks to several months focusing purely on baseball. It's an intense process, but it can be a wise choice for some teen players.

Why Every Child Should Take At Least A Few Gymnastics Classes

When it comes to sports and popular recreational activities for children, most people think of things like soccer, baseball, basketball and even something like frisbee. What a lot of people forget is the gymnasium and all the opportunities that exist inside of it. However, it is not just about hoping your child excels in gymnastics, there are very good reasons why you might want your child to take a few classes for their own benefit.

What To Expect At Your First Surf Lesson

A surf lesson is the easiest way to get started in the sport, but many new surfers are unsure of what happens in a lesson. If you're signed up for one, here's what to expect at your first surfing lesson. Safety Lesson on Shore Before getting started with the surfboard, your instructor will first greet you and go over some safety basics. First-time surf lessons don't venture too far from shore, and your instructor will always be nearby.