Custom Long Action Rifles: Two Ways You Can Make Your Rifle A Custom Job

If you like to shoot, but you are looking for a more unique weapon, you might want to create a custom gun. If you are really taken with rifles, there are a couple of ways you can make your rifle a custom rifle. You can either create a custom long action bullet chamber, or you can create a custom stock and barrel. Here is how you can customize these parts to change the traditional rifle and make it your own.

Learn How To Keep Birds Away From Your Boat Lift Canopy

Boat lift canopies are designed to protect boats from the elements when they are being stored. Birds, however, often like to build nests under the canopies because their nests will be protected from the elements the same way your boat will be protected. When the birds build nests under the canopy, it can be bad for your boat because the birds can ruin your boat when they defecate, urinate, or drop food on the boat.

5 Things To Do When You Visit Montana

Montana is a state full of natural beauty! The state features lakes, rivers, the Rocky Mountains, national parks, and expansive plains, and outdoor activities are very popular in both the summer and winter months. A vacation in Montana is an ideal choice for a single adventurer, a couple, or the whole family. On your next trip to Montana, don't miss out on the following activities: Glacier National Park With its towering mountains, lush meadows, magnificent glaciers, and numerous lakes and waterfalls, Glacier National Park possesses amazing beauty that has to be seen to be believed.

Military Surplus Gear For The Outdoor Enthusiast

If you are in the market for outdoor recreational gear and equipment, then you have several options available. The most obvious is to simply purchase standard gear from a commercial manufacturer at a retail store or online. Another choice is to buy military surplus gear from a military supply store like Andy and Bax. This article examines the latter alternative.  What It Is  Military surplus items are those that were commissioned by a country for use by their Armed Forces. They are procured from manufacturers who enter into a contract with the government involved.

Two Fun Classes That Will Help You Get Your Body Ready For The Beach

If you're looking forward to heading to the beach this summer, but don't feel that your body is beach ready yet, then take the initiative now and take action. Don't make the mistake and think that crash dieting is the solution. You will lose fat and muscle. Also, any weight that is lost so quickly will be difficult to keep off. You can't permanently live on a starvation diet. If you want to look good in your swimsuit, you should focus on toning or building muscle, and slowly losing fat.